2016 – 2017 Recognition Awards

This year's awards were created by an artist at the InsideOut Studio, an initiative through the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Their program provides an opportunity for artists with disabilities to produce, market, and receive an income from their art; while gaining confidence in their abilities.

Dave Yeager, Jaco Waterproofing;
Mag Baker, Butler County United Way;
Amanda Burns, Butler County United Way

Spirit of Service Award

The Spirit of Service Award is given to an active community member who volunteers with Butler County United Way in multiple capacities or has had a long-term service relationship with the organization.

Dave has served in many capacities throughout the years including campaign cabinet, employee campaign chairman, Financial Stability Action Council, Impact Council and most recently, he finished up his second, three-year term on our Board of Trustees. He is always willing to help, provide advice, or donate countless volunteer hours. Dave is a long-time supporter of Butler County United Way and is very deserving of the Spirit of Service Award.

John Guiduli, Hamilton Community Foundation;
Mag Baker, Butler County United Way;
Joshua Smith, City of Hamilton, and
Tony Orr, Hamilton City Schools

Spirit of Collaboration Award

This award represents the concept of collaboration throughout the entire county. The award symbolizes teamwork and collaboration with Butler County United Way and other entities.

This group has taken on a project that none of us could accomplish alone and was formed as a result of discussions about breaking down silos and not duplicating efforts within our county. The ultimate goal of the group is to bring business, local government, education and social services together to work toward a common goal.

While still in the early stages, it is important to recognize the partnership that has been established between these sectors fo our community.

Along with Butler County United Way, recipients of this award include Hamilton Community Foundation, City of Hamilton, Hamilton City Schools, and Community First Solutions.

Mag Baker, Butler County United Way;
Brian Wood, Cincinnati Financial;
Amanda Burns, Butler County United Way

LIVE UNITED Partnership Award

This award is given to an outstanding community partner or company who enabled Butler County United Way to forward its vision and mission.

When we say this company goes above and beyond what it means to run a workforce campaign, we are not kidding. With a staff of over 3,500, this company held numerous activities throughout their two-week campaign period, including daily BINGO of United Way facts, bake sales, a campaign-long raffle of over 50 gift baskets, a volunteer event where birthday bags were created and donated to the Salvation Army, a United Way Lunch and Learn for all staff as well as a separate one for department heads and to the end the campaign, a full company carnival!

They truly understand how getting the word out about United Way can be fun as well as educational.

Mag Baker, Butler County United Way;
Pete Abner, Kirsch CPA Group

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award goes to a strong supporter, a go-to-person who will provide advice, guidance, and assistance whenever asked. This volunteer supports and significantly augments the work of our professional staff, forwarding the Butler County United Way mission.

Pete serves on our Finance Committee where he is relentless in diving into the numbers. He is always willing to offer suggestions on how to improve processes and has been extremely helpful in getting us the support we need in tweaking the transfer of information from our database into our financial software.

He is always willing to be used as a sounding board and provides solid and well-grounded advice to whatever financial dilemma presented.

Darlene Feldmann, City of Fairfield;
Amanda Burns, Butler County United Way;
Mag Baker, Butler County United Way

Change War Winner

For the second year, the City of Hamilton and the City of Fairfield entered into a friendly competition to see who might be able to raise more money throughout their various departments in a 'change' war.

Between the two, a total of $843.69 was raised, above and beyond the contributions made by each of their workforce campaigns.

This year's "Change War" was won by the City of Fairfield, bringing in a total amount of $530.84.