Community Members!

We hope you will take a few moments to participate in this important survey. The purpose is to ensure that Butler County United Way is serving the county in the best way possible. The survey results will be utilized by Butler County United Way staff, Board of Directors, and committees to identify and assess the community needs.

Below are areas that are included in the survey:

Public Perception: How are we perceived?

Butler County United Way is...

  • viewed as an organization which unites people and organizations to address community needs.
  • viewed as a broad-based charity that supports multiple causes.
  • viewed as investing resources to make a better community.
  • viewed as raising funds for area nonprofits.

Butler County United Way’s Role in Our Community

The community believes Butler County United Way...

  • should focus on raising funds and making knowledgeable investment decisions.
  • should focus on bringing people and organizations together to find solutions and focus on connecting people to community services.
  • should focus on connecting people to volunteering opportunities.
  • should continue to provide for donor choice.

You may find that many of the items mentioned above are important to you. This survey is designed to determine the focus that is most important to the majority of our community.

We appreciate you taking the time to provide your opinions. Together, we will work to build a stronger Butler County for all its residents.

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