Butler County United Way doesn't just redistribute resources, we add value to the dollars, volunteer time, and passion you give. We can accomplish more together than we ever could on our own.

"Community impact" is how we talk about the real, lasting change we're making in Butler County. We don't merely fundraise, recruit, and raise awareness, but we create a return on the community's investment in our mission. Here are some ways we do that.


We Respond to the Community's Greatest Needs

You can be sure that when you support Butler County United Way, you're supporting solutions to the needs of your neighbors. Butler County United Way recruits people with passion, expertise and resources who want to make a difference here. We focus on education, financial stability and health because those are the building blocks for a good quality life and a strong community. A quality education is essential to getting a good job with health benefits. An income that can cover today's needs and save for tomorrow solidifies a family's foundation. Good health helps children succeed at school and adults succeed at work. Remove any one building block, and the other two topple. Build them all up, and we have a strong foundation for collective success.

We Fund Long-term Outcomes, Not Agencies or Programs

Our community wants to see results, so that's what we fund. Investing the dollars you donate into the most effective programs is more about seeing long-term change than short-term output. We don't want to help our community tread water; we want Butler County to change, grow, and thrive because of our work. Our focus isn't on maintaining the status quo, but raising the bar. We invest the community's dollars into initiatives that do just that.

We Partner with Reliable, Viable, and Effective Organizations

The organizations that work with Butler County United Way are trusted partners who share our values and goals. We make sure that the agencies we support have stable leadership and are responsible stewards with the funds we award them. We link arms with any organization in the community dedicated to making a difference with integrity, diligence, and purpose. Click here to view a listed of our Partner Agencies.

We Create Solutions Across Systems through Collaboration

Butler County United Way is uniquely positioned to bring players from various systems and sectors together to create solutions. Because outcomes are our aim, we're not concerned with bureaucracy or boundaries; we'll pull the necessary people, movements, and resources together to solve the problems our residents are facing. We've successfully done this several times in the past, most recently with our support of the Booker T. Washington Community Center.