Butler County United Way thrives on community members who believe in what we're doing. Below are some of the volunteer teams that drive our organization and help us accomplish our goals.

Impact Committees

Purpose: To identify and support strategies and solutions that move us toward a desired vision for our community as charged by the Butler County United Way Board of Trustees. Each Impact Committee focuses on research, the experiences of other communities, best practices, and other tolls to identify "what works" in addressing the root causes of the issue identified by the Board of Trustees.


Brian Chamberlain
The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Chris Bennett-Hudak
Miami University

Rolanda Flowers
Richard T. Allen Academy

James Mills
Community Volunteer

Debra Lawrence
Employers Health

Kara Love
Miami University

Krystal Tipton
Butler County United Way



Kim McKinney
Community Volunteer

Samina Sohail
West Side Adult & Pediatric

Krystal Tipton
Butler County United Way

Lonnie Tucker
Lakota City Schools (Retired)

Michael Walsh
Community Volunteer

Financial Stability

Tanya Coffey
Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Dena Huentelman
General Electric (Retired)

Terry Nau
Talbert House

Jason Newport
First Financial Bank

Krystal Tipton
Butler County United Way

Finance Committee

Purpose: The Finance Committee advises the President/CEO and Finance Manager about financial matters such as the budget and investments

Kevin McKinney, Chair
Park National Bank

Pete Abner
Kirsch CPA Group, LLC

Mary Pat Essman
Lane Public Library (Retired)

Dan Griesinger
US Bank

Steve Lippert
Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Company.

Larry Mulligan
LCNB National Bank

Greg Schmidt
Ohio Casualty (Retired)


Governance and Nominating Committee

Purpose: The Governance and Nominating Committee monitors the operations of the Board of Trustees as well as identifies potential new Board members.

Pete Abner, Chair
Kirsch CPA Group, LLC

Nabila Ahmad

Catherine Evans
Millikin & Fitton Law Firm

Lee Geiger
Graydon Head

Jeff Eberlein
Brand It For Good

Kevin McKinney
Park National Bank

Larry Mulligan
Lebanon Citizens National Bank

Shawn Hamilton
Procter  & Gamble