Misconceptions can sometimes cloud a person's decision-making process; what they thought to be true is not necessarily fact.

We invite you to learn more about our organization and our mission and vision for the communities we serve.

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Butler County United Way is part of a network of nearly 1,800 United Ways in 41 countries and territories. As the largest privately-funded nonprofit in the world, it is important to keep in mind, that even though we have the backing of a much larger organization, our funding decisions are made locally and must fit with the our three areas of focus: education, income and health.

Misconceptions can sometimes cloud a person’s decision-making process; what they thought to be true is not necessarily fact. We invite you to learn more about our organization, and our mission and our vision for the communities we serve.

We are pleased to address some of the most popular “urban legends”:

“Why does United Way encourage companies to demand 100% participation from employees? (that old 'why are people forced to give’, ‘fair share’ thing).”

Butler County United Way does not in any way encourage companies to demand 100% participation from its employees. We feel it is totally up to the individual to give (or not give). It is our responsibility to explain our vision and mission and to provide success stories to potential donors so that they feel good and confident that whatever their contribution, it will make a difference in the communities where they live, work, and play. We believe some companies feel strongly about the difference that United Way can make in a community and ultimately, their intentions are good.

“I’m not allowed to designate my contribution to the organization of my choice.”

Of course you can! There are three options: Option 1 is to contribute to the Butler County United Way Community Impact Fund which provides the broadest use of your contribution. If you have a particular passion, such as youth or helping people become self-sufficient or perhaps mental health, Option 2 is a wonderful way to have your contribution earmarked for programs fitting one of our areas of focus, including education, income or health. Option 3 covers designations to the partner agencies that meet our designation eligibility requirements. Each partner agency must provide the appropriate financial documentation to verify that they are financially stable and have the proper non-profit designation. They must also agree to report back on a semi-annual basis the impact that these designated funds have had on the communities we serve. Butler County United Way is concerned with transparently measuring results to prove your contribution’s value.

“Why don't you fund more programs for the elderly?”

Butler County United Way historically has not received many proposals for elder programs, but as with all funding requests, we would certainly consider allocating funds to programs that assist the elderly as long as those programs fall within our three focus areas of education, income and health. We do provide current funding to several programs filling transportation and other essential needs for senior citizens, but research shows there is a great need for services in this age group. We welcome additional funding requests for elderly programs.

“I am not donating to your organization because you fund Planned Parenthood and they perform abortions.”

Butler County United Way has never funded Planned Parenthood. However, to be specific, we do not fund any agency; we fund programs within our partnering agencies. In many communities pre-natal classes are only offered by Planned Parenthood and there may be United Way’s from other areas that fund a program of that type. Butler County United Way has never funded any program offered by Planned Parenthood.

“You fund Boy Scouts and I don’t agree with some of their recent decisions regarding scout leadership.”

Butler County United Way has funded programs offered by Boy Scouts in the past. We do accept designated contributions for them through our campaign, but in such cases, we are acting as a facilitator for the funds and we are not actually “funding” any programs that are offered through this organization. Most recently, the Boy Scouts have not requested to be considered for program funding and as such, we are not currently providing any funding to them. However, if a funding request is received that meets with our qualifications, funding could be considered in the future.

“You only fund programs that are from your partners.”

In a manner of speaking, yes, this is true. However, to further explain, we accept requests for program funding from ANY eligible non-profit organization whose program focuses on education, income and/or health. All allocation award decisions are made by councils of volunteers who review each program funding request to ensure its viability, effectiveness, and sustainability. Before any allocation of funds can take place, however, the agency must become a partner of Butler County United Way by providing the proper financial documentation and 501c3 non-profit designation status. They must also agree to provide impact reporting back to us as a way to measure the results of any program funding received. We feel this is the proper way to manage the contributions you give.

We welcome additional questions.